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NAO firmware upgrade.
As with all modern technology, it is best to keep the operating system up to date. Petzl have just released an updated version of the firmware for the Petzl NAO Headlamp and have recommend that you install it.

This update will:

  • Preserve the battery in case of accidental operation of the lamp
  • Improve performance in low temperatures
  • Correct minor bugs
  • Automatically recommend future updates of the firmware.

This update will NOT affect the personal settings and profiles already created

The update is a two stage process
First download and install on your computer, the latest version of the "OS by Petzl" software, click here.

Next connect your Petzl NAO lamp to your computer via the USB cable. You will be guided by the application and offered the update to the firmware of your Petzl NAO lamp. The procedure takes only a few minutes.



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